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Progressive Lenses Available at Maple Ridge Eye Care

Progressive Lenses from Our Optometrist in Maple Ridge

If you are having difficulty reading or seeing up-close, you may benefit from progressive lenses. These lenses are a new type of glasses lens that does not have lines for near, intermediate and distance vision. Our optometrist in Maple Ridge can examine your eyes to determine if you need no-line bifocals or trifocals.

Family with new progressive lenses.

Signs You Need Progressive Lenses

Progressive lenses, also called no-line bifocals or trifocals, help individuals with presbyopia see clearly. As individuals reach 40 years of age, they may have difficulty reading and viewing things up close. For individuals who wear glasses, this means removing the glasses in order to read fine print or menus. Progressive lenses eliminate the need to remove your glasses to read the small print.

Benefits of Progressive Lenses

Regular bifocals and trifocals can cause images to jump as you move your eyes between powers. Progressive lenses eliminate this problem by removing the lines and transitioning the lenses between powers. The lenses can also be designed for your lifestyle. If you frequently work at a computer or view objects and words at an intermediate distance, the lens portion for intermediate vision can be made larger and other sections that you may not use as often can be made smaller. You also do not have to choose large framed glasses in order to wear progressive lenses. Today’s progressive glasses lenses can be manufactured to fit all types and sizes of frames so that you can remain fashionable while still seeing clearly.

Eye Exams with our Optometrist in Maple Ridge, BC

Our optometrist in Maple Ridge, BC can examine your near, intermediate and distance vision to determine if you would benefit from progressive lenses. Once your prescription has been determined, we can order your new glasses for you. Our optometrist and opticians can even give you tips and tricks to help you adjust to your new glasses faster.

To schedule an appointment with our trusted optometrist, call us at 604-463-4469.

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