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Take Advantage of Our Back to School Discount For Glasses

Take Advantage of Our Back to School Discount For Glasses

Back to school eye exams are one of the best ways to make sure your child's eyes are healthy. Learn signs of undiagnosed vision problems and how our eye doctors can help with back to school vision checks that even come with a discount offer: $50 off your child's prescription lenses.

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Children's Eye Problems 

We recommend your child have their eyes initially checked at 6 months, then annually every year after. Regular eye exams allow us to check their eyes for vision problems that could affect their ability to process written information. Don't let your child start school with vision problems that could hinder their education. Some of the common eye conditions we see during a child's eye exam include: 

  • Strabismus - Strabismus or crossed eyes are easily corrected in childhood by strengthening the muscles of the eye so they can look outward without crossing. 
  • Amblyopia - When one eye cannot see clearly, your child has amblyopia or “lazy eye”. By strengthening the weak eye using prisms, patches and glasses, we can help your child see clearly. 
  • Refractive errors - If your child's eyes have a refractive error, they may struggle to see far-off or close objects. As a result, they may have poor spatial coordination or struggle to read the board in school, falling behind their peers. 

How Our Optometrist Can Help 

If your child has a refractive error, we can fit them for glasses or contacts that correct their vision, so they can see clearly. 

In addition to contacts and glasses, our optometrists can discuss vision therapy to strengthen weak visual processing skills. We use various methods to boost visual acuity. By working one on one with your child, we can help them overcome obstacles, improve brain-eye communication, and feel comfortable with activities they previously avoided. 

See an Eye Doctor in Maple Ridge 

Our eye doctor in Maple Ridge is accepting new patients now. For your convenience, you can book your child's eye exam appointment online, or give us a call today: 604-463-4469! Don't forget to ask about our back to school discount for prescription lenses.

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