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3 Reasons Why Your Regularly Scheduled Eye Exam Matters

Eye Exams in Maple RidgeHave you skipped your latest eye exam or do you not remember the last time that you had one? If it has been longer than two years since you last visited your optometrist, then you’re overdue for your eye exam. Below, our Maple Ridge eye doctor answers three of your most frequently asked questions about regularly scheduled eye exams.

Understanding the Importance of Eye Exams

#1: How do I know if I need an eye exam?

Do you hold books, newspapers or magazines further away from your face? Do you squint or close one eye in order to read them clearly? These are signs that you may need an eye exam. You should also schedule an eye exam if your eyes are red, dry, itchy, or you are seeing spots or flashes of color. It’s also time for an eye exam if you get motion sickness, feel dizzy, or have trouble following a moving object.

#2: Why are eye exams so important?

Regularly scheduled eye exams are an important opportunity for our Maple Ridge eye doctor to evaluate your overall vision quality. If you have eye glasses or contacts, this eye exam is also an opportunity to determine whether you may need a prescription adjustment. Continuing to use eye glasses or contacts that are the wrong prescription could be damaging to your vision – and prevent you from seeing the world clearly!

#3: Is it true that the eyes are a ‘window’ to my health?

Absolutely! In fact, just by looking at your eyes our Maple Ridge eye doctor can detect symptoms of health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure. This is because the eyes are the only place that provides a clear view of your blood vessels. Since symptoms of these health conditions are often not obvious until more serious damage has occurred, a simple eye exam can make a real difference for your long-term health. Early detection and treatment is essential for protecting your health.

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