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Contact lenses are not just for improving your vision; they can better suit your needs and lifestyle too. Thanks to advances in contact lens technology, custom colored contact lenses can now be created to camouflage color variations and enhance your natural eye color. Today’s tinted lenses also make it easy to alter your eye color either by intensifying your natural shade or changing it altogether. At Maple Ridge Eyecare, our eye doctor offers state-of-the-art colored contact lenses from industry-leading providers, including Acuvue 2 Colours, Acuvue Define, Encore Colors, Expressions Accents, Expressions Colors, Freshlook Colorblends, Freshlook Colors, Freshlook Dimensions and Freshlook Radiance, and Air Optix Aqua Colors.

Colored Contact Lenses from Your Optometrist in Maple Ridge: Better Vision That Looks as Great, Too

Colored contact lenses come in three types of tints: visibility tint, enhancement tint and opaque tint. Visibility tints are the lightest of all colored contact lenses. The visibility tint is typically a light blue or green tint that has been added to the lens. This tint is designed to make it easier to see your contacts during insertion and removal; it has little to no effect on your eye color. If you wish to change your eye color, our optometrist in Maple Ridge recommends selecting either an enhancement tint or an opaque tint, depending on your current eye color and how dramatic an enhancement or change you are seeking.

Wish your blue eyes were a deeper blue or your hazel eyes a more vibrant green? Cosmetic enhancement lenses are translucent lenses for light colored eyes (blues, greens, grays and hazels). When wearing these lenses, they brighten your eyes with highlights and intensify the natural tones. The lenses highlight and sharpen your eyes with a distinctive natural shimmer. Lenses like Acuvue Define have a clean edge to amplify contrast and create brightness and dimension. The iris-inspired design creates natural-looking effect that blends seamlessly with your natural eye color.

For darker eyes, our eye care team offers opaque cosmetic tints with a pattern on the lens to change the eye color. This pattern overlays and blends seamlessly with your iris for a natural-looking appearance. For example, we carry the Acuvue Define “Natural Shine” lenses, which will enlarge and contrast your eyes. Highlights in these lenses create contrast and depth, and the dimensional effect is intensified with enlargement and contrast. Acuvue Define lenses also include vision correction for near- and farsighted prescriptions as well as UV protection, so the lenses not only enhance your natural eye color, but also help you see better, too.

Our optometrist in Maple Ridge will help you select the right lens tint for your eye color. When selecting this tint, keep in mind your skin tone and hair color, and whether you want to achieve a dramatic and daring change or a subtle, sophisticated look. Regardless of the look you wish to achieve, it is important that you visit an eye doctor to ensure you have the right lenses for your needs.

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