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Why It Is Important to See Our Optometrists at Maple Ridge Eye Care in Maple Ridge for a Contact Lens Fitting

For many people, there will come a time when they need some form of support to have good vision. One option that many people opt for to improve vision is contact lenses. But in order to get these lenses, a contact lens fitting is required and there are several reasons why contact lens fittings are important.


Your Contact Lenses Have to Fit Your Eyes Correctly

Everyone has a different cornea shape and size, so our optometrists in Maple Ridge use an instrument called a keratometer to measure the surface of your eyes so that the contacts you are going to wear fit on your eyes comfortably and properly. If your contact lenses do not fit your eyes properly, you can experience burning, itching, stinging eyes, reduced vision, dry eyes or excessive tearing of the eyes, which can be uncomfortable.

Comfortable Fit for Your Eyes

Your contact lenses have to be comfortable for you to wear. During a contact lens fitting, we can measure your eyes so that the contacts you wear do not bother you when you are doing an activity, such as when you are playing a sport.

Addresses Your Current Eye Problems

Some people have cornea irregularities and cannot use traditional contacts to improve their vision. Before a contact lens fitting, our optometrists will determine if you have an eye condition that will prevent you from wearing standard contact lenses. From there, they can measure your eyes precisely to address your current eye problem.

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If you are thinking of getting contact lenses in the Maple Ridge area, come to Maple Ridge Eye Care for a contact lens exam and fitting. You will receive the support and attention from a professional optometrist to help improve your vision and keep your eyes healthy. Call our optometry staff in Maple Ridge today at 604-670-4434 to schedule a contact lens exam and fitting with one of our professional and experienced optometrists, Dr. Hurlbert, Dr. Matter, Dr. Rughani or Dr. Naidu.

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