Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes at Maple Ridge Eye Care

Have you practically given up on wearing contact lenses because you can't stand the redness and irritation they cause? Does your dry eye problem always seem to get worse whenever you're wearing contacts? If so, you should know that even dry eyes can wear contact lenses comfortably, as long as they're the right kind of contact lenses. Here at Maple Ridge Eye Care, we can fit you with specialized contact lenses that help your eyes retain the moisture they need for optimal comfort. 


Why Dry Eyes Mean Trouble for Contact Lens Wearers

Anybody can get dry eyes from time to time, but chronically dry eyes can make everyday life feel like torture, especially if you want to wear contact lenses instead of eyeglasses for your vision problem. Dry eye syndrome occurs when the tear glands don't produce enough moisture to keep your eyes properly hydrated. It may also develop if the oil-producing meibomian glands in your eyelids aren't adding enough oil to the tear film to keep the water from evaporating quickly. Either way, the results are the same: chronic redness, itching, irritation, light sensitivity, and occasional blurring of vision.

Irritated, insufficiently-protected eyes do not take well to standard contacts lenses, especially hard contacts. In addition to causing direct irritation to the eyes, these contact lenses may prevent the eyes from receiving or retaining whatever moisture they were already getting. Even well-hydrated eyes may suddenly find themselves going painfully dry beneath the wrong type of contacts.

Advanced Contact Lens Options for Dry Eyes Sufferers

The good news is that contact lens technology has evolved to include a variety of specialized materials and designs, some of which are ideal for dry eye sufferers. Our optometry team will evaluate your dry eyes and conduct a contact lens exam to determine exactly what kind of lenses will best suit your condition. Some patients need only to switch from hard contacts to soft contacts to experience improved comfort. For others, we often recommend hydrogel contacts. These contacts are made of a special silicon material that retains moisture and helps to deliver oxygen to the eyes.

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