Tips For Wear And Care

When you get your new contact lenses from your optometrist in Maple Ridge, you will receive instructions from your eye doctor on how to take care of and maintain your contact lenses. 

Inserting your new contact lenses

Make sure you wash your hands before you begin, using mild soap and drying your hands completely with a lint-free towel. If you don't get your hands completely dry, you may cause a soft lens to flatten.  Get in the habit of working with the same (right or left) lens first to avoid mixing up your lenses. Turn over the contact lens case and pour the lenses and solution into the palm of your hand. While you are holding them, check for any debris or tears in the lens. You don't want to put in dirty or torn contact lenses in your eye.  Place the lens, cup side up, on your dry forefinger. Determine if the lens is right side out. If it is right side out, the lens' edge will appear almost straight up. If inside out, the edges will flare out slightly. This will flex the lens. If the edge of the lens curls inwards, it is the correct way out; if the edge curls outwards and wraps onto the palm of the hand, it is inside out. If it is inside out, reverse it.

Now that the contact lenses are clean and facing the correct direction, hold your upper lid (to prevent blinking) and pull down your bottom lid with your middle finger. Place the lens gently into the white of your eye. Let go of your eyelids and look down to help get the lens in the proper position. Close your eyes for a bit. If your lens feels dry, or you are having a hard time seeing, add some lens lubricant. Congratulations, you have successfully inserted your first contact lens! Repeat the steps above to get the second one in.

How to remove your lenses

Removing your lenses is as simple as putting them in. Once again, make sure you wash your hands and dry them completely. Facing your head forward, look up as far as you can. Place your finger on your lower eyelid and touch the lens with your index finger. Slide the lens downward and move it to the white of your eye. Gently remove the lens from your eye by using your thumb to compress the lens. This will cause it to fold up a bit and allow it to come off easily.

Care and Final Instructions

The professionals at Maple Ridge Eye Care want you to take good care of your contact lenses and your eyes. Make sure you only wear them when recommended, clean them as often as prescribed and make sure you have regular checkups. These eye care tips will help keep your lenses and your eyes clean and safe.

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