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Maple Ridge Eye Care is proud to be the first location in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver (and only the thirteenth in Canada) to offer EnChroma lens technology. This is the only eyewear developed to assist red-green colour deficient people with colour discrimination and is available for demonstration and purchase in our clinic. EnChroma glasses unlock a new world of colour for people with colour blindness, using advanced technology and optics to make it possible for people with CVD to see colour the way it is seen by the rest of the world.

The EnChroma lens technology is based on over a decade of research to understand the causes of colour blindness and how to engineer an optical technology platform to address the problem. Read more about EnChroma and their story.

What is Colour Blindness?

Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency (CVD), is a condition where a person is unable to distinguish certain shades of colour. The most common colour confusion occurs between reds and greens, with CVD individuals often thinking they are the same colour.

Who Is Affected?

Colour vision deficiency (CVD) affects millions of people worldwide. Men are most commonly affected with 1 in 12 having some form of CVD while the prevalence in women is 1 in 200.  Most people who suffer from CVD are not blind to colour, but have a reduced ability to see them.

EnChroma Lenses colour blindness.

What Do Colour Deficient People See?

People with red-green CVD see the world differently. Their red and green photo sensing cells (cones) in the retina have more overlap than normal making them unable to see certain colours. Reds and greens often look the same and appear to be muddy brown in colour.

EnChroma Lenses

The Solution

EnChroma lenses use a unique patent-pending technology called ‘multi notch’ filtering, cutting out specific wavelengths of light. The lenses attempt to separate the overlapping red and green cone sensitivities, helping improve vision for people who have difficulty seeing the difference between reds and greens.

EnChroma Lenses colour blind test

Take The Colour Vision Test

Click the image below to take the EnChroma Colour Vision Test and keep a record of your result.


Come Try Them On In Our Store

At Maple Ridge Eye Care we carry the most popular EnChroma styles in our office, available in both prescription and non-prescription. Prices in our store reflect current prices on the EnChroma website but in Canadian dollars. 

Book a $50 consultation with us to try on the glasses and see the impact for yourself. The cost of the consultation will be applied towards the purchase price of any EnChroma eyewear. Give us a call at 604-463-4469, book an appointment online or complete our EnChroma consultation request form.

What To Expect

80% of people with a red-green CVD will see an improvement in their colour perception while wearing EnChroma glasses. The effect can be instantaneous for some people while for others the impact will be more subtle and take a week or two to become noticeable.

We encourage everyone to take the colour vision test on the EnChroma website which will help pre-determine your candidacy.

  Click Here To Take Our Test Now!

It is important to note that EnChroma lenses do not cure colour blindness or allow wearers to pass standardized colour vision tests. If you do decide to come by our practice to try on the EnChroma glasses, please book an EnChroma Consultation with us in advance to ensure that you have enough time and assistance to get the true experience of this technology.

It is important to note that 20% of CVD patients who try EnChroma lenses have a “wow” moment and for 20% of patients there is no impact. The 60% in the middle will have a range of experiences. With that said, we encourage those with CVD to try EnChroma lenses for themselves to see how their world is affected by this amazing technology.

Book your EnChroma Consultation ($50 fee) now: call us at 604-463-4469, book online or complete our consultation request form.

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