Eye Allergies FAQs

Allergies can be hard on your eye health and vision and make it difficult to perform daily tasks. If you suffer from eye allergies, you probably have a lot of questions concerning allergy causes, symptoms and treatment. The following FAQs compiled by Maple Ridge Eye Care can help provide the answers you need to make good eye care decisions.

Eye Allergies FAQs

What’s causing my eye allergies?

If you suffer from eye allergies, take heart – you’re not alone. Millions of people across the country suffer from some form of allergic condition. When allergies affect the conjunctiva of your eye – that clear layer of mucous membrane that covers your eyes – the allergic reaction is called “allergic conjunctivitis.” Allergic conjunctivitis can be triggered by all kinds of environmental elements to include tree pollen, weeds, grass, dust, pet dander, and mold.

What is the difference between seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (SAC) and perennial allergic conjunctivitis (PAC)?

Allergic conjunctivitis can be divided into two categories: seasonal and perennial. The two may cause many of the same symptoms; however, they differ in when these symptoms are triggered.

If you have seasonal allergic conjunctivitis (SAC), you may experience symptoms in the spring, summer, and fall. In spring, tree pollen may trigger an allergic reaction whereas, in the summer and fall, triggers may come from grasses or weeds. Once winter hits, your allergy will subside, giving you a break from irritating symptoms.  

In contrast, symptoms of perennial allergic conjunctivitis (PAC) can endure year-round, with triggers being indoor allergens like dust mites, mold, pets, etc. If you’re allergic to outdoor elements as well, you may have it doubly worse during spring, summer, and fall.

What symptoms do eye allergies cause?

SAC and PAC cause the same symptoms, starting with itchy, watery eyes. This may be accompanied by redness, burning, inflammation and blurry vision.

Who should I see for eye allergies?

A visit to your Maple Ridge optometry clinic can help you uncover the cause of your eye allergies so you can get help managing your symptoms. This is especially important if your symptoms are disrupting your lifestyle or lowering your quality of life. Your Maple Ridge optometrist can recommend OTC or prescription medications such as eye drops, oral antihistamines, etc. to control your symptoms. If your symptoms are affecting your sight, such as blurred or double vision, see your optometrist right away to confirm you have eye allergies and not some other eye condition.  

See Your Maple Ridge Optometry Specialist for Eye Allergy Treatment

Don’t let eye allergies hinder you from enjoying a high quality of life. Call 604-670-4434 today to schedule an eye exam with your Maple Ridge Eye Care optometrist for eye allergy diagnosis and treatment.

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