Eye Safety in the Workplace

The work environment exposes us to various risks of injury. Eye injuries are common and cost organizations a lot of money due to health costs, productivity loss, employee compensation and fines. It is important to identify various work-related hazards in your environment and maintain your safety. If you have recently received an eye injury, our team at Maple Ridge Eye Care is here to help.


Work-Related Eye Injuries

Many industries expose their employees to potential eye injuries. Most people associate eye injuries with outdoor and physically demanding jobs. But people with jobs that demand low physical activity or indoor activities are also at risk for eye injuries. Some common types of work-related injuries include:

  • Chemical Burns
  • Punctures or cuts to the eye
  • Naked exposure to bright ultraviolet light like welding flashes
  • Blue light

Blue light exposure is associated with the use of electronic devices. A Harvard study shows that high exposure to blue light is dangerous for your retinas. It may lead to digital eye strain syndrome, retinal damage or permanent vision loss. It is best to prevent injuries than to treat them. Both the employer and employee have responsibilities to maintain eye safety in the workplace.

How an Employer Can Maintain Eye Safety

  • Provide Protection Gear: The protection gear depends on the work the employees do. Some of the most common gear includes safety glasses, eye-cup goggles and face shields. Prescription eyewear, sunglasses and contact lenses are correction measures, not protective measures.
  • Eliminate Potential Eye Hazards: You can also reduce the risks of eye injuries by removing potential hazards. For example, use safety barriers, replace high-risk equipment and use caution around toxic substances.
  • Raise Awareness of Eye Safety at the Workplace: Employers can raise awareness of eye safety by providing training, guidelines for workspace safety and regular assessments. Eye care visits are also encouraged to keep employees aware of their eye health status.

How an Employee Can Maintain Eye Safety

  • Avoid staring at a screen for a long time.
  • Adjust your screen and keep it 20 to 26 inches away from your eyes.
  • Follow the safety guidelines, such as wearing safety glasses.
  • Get vision correction like eyeglasses, contacts, or LASIK surgery.
  • Get a comprehensive eye checkup from an optometrist at least once per year.

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