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At Maple Ridge Eye Care, we use every available resource to treat our patients and protect their eyes. If you have eye pain, irritation, or a variety of common vision conditions, you may benefit from some of these eye care products at Maple Ridge Eye Care:

Artificial Tears and Lubricants

Relieve your inflamed or dry eyes with a variety of lubrication products. We carry a selection of drops, solutions and other products designed to restore the protective layer over each eye and flush out anything that could irritate or damage your lenses.

Vitamins & Dietary Supplements

Your diet plays a big role in your eye health and vision. Prevent complications or treat existing deficiencies with personalized nutritional guidance.

Contact Lens Solutions & Storage

Contact lenses are convenient eyewear solutions, but you must store and clean them properly in order to prevent infection and/or irritation. Our contact lens products include cases, solutions and other accessories that help you protect your eyewear investment – and your eyes.

Fit Over Sunwear

Protect your eyes and improve your vision without investing in a separate pair of sunglasses. Our protective sunwear attachments include tinted non-prescription lenses, which clip right on top of your prescription eyeglasses.

Eyeglass Cleaners, Cloths, Ropes & Chains

Scratches, scuffs, stains, and fingerprints aren’t just eyesores; they can also damage your eyes by affecting your vision and focus. Keep your glasses attached to your person with ropes and chains that prevent costly damage and invest in high-quality cleaners and cloths to make sure your lenses stay smooth and clear.

Low Vision Aids & Magnification Devices

If you have low vision, your standard prescription eyeglasses are usually no longer sufficient to help with distance and near tasks. In addition, you may need several different optical devices to help with a variety of everyday tasks you want to do. We carry several low vision optical aids, such as stand and hand-held magnifiers and strong magnifying reading glasses.

Lid Scrubs

Your eye care products should always target the real source of your symptoms. If your eye pain or discomfort is actually caused by eyelid irritation, you need a product to clear out debris and prevent redness and dryness. Lid scrubs are used to clean and remove ocular debris and help maintain lid and lash health and enhance the effectiveness of artificial tears.

Gel Masks

Reduce redness and inflammation with cooling gel masks. These eye care products fit over your eyes to relieve pressure, tension, puffiness, and other symptoms related to common eye conditions.

Other Eye Care Products from Your Maple Ridge Optometrists

Need eye patches, corrective eye wear or other prescription vision products? Your Maple Ridge eye doctor has that covered too. Call 604-463-4469 to schedule your appointment at Maple Ridge Eye Care.

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