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Have you noticed that even though you can clearly see objects at intermediate and far distances, those closer look blurred? Many of the patients who visit our Maple Ridge Eye Care practice with this problem are experiencing a condition called presbyopia. Our eye doctor in Maple Ridge can offer a number of options for eyeglasses that correct this problem.

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How Progressives Work

Presbyopia is a natural occurrence as the eye ages. There is no way to prevent it. It is a condition in which the shape of the eye’s lens changes, making it hard to focus on objects close to you. It is associated with the mature years and usually becomes noticeable to patients in their 40s.

Some of the signs linked to presbyopia are finding it necessary to move items to an arm’s length to be able to read them, experiencing blurred vision in a normal reading position, and suffering from headaches and fatigued eyes when performing close work. A diagnosis of presbyopia requires a comprehensive vision exam performed by an optometrist. To help compensate for this condition, an eye doctor can offer several types of glasses, as well as contact lenses.

One option many patients love is eyewear with progressive lenses. Some call these lenses lineless bifocals. Each lens has three vision zones: distance, intermediate, and near. Most patients adjust to progressives within a few days.

Eye Care from Our Practice

If you are a mature patient having difficulty reading with or without current eyeglasses, our eye care services include fitting you with progressives. Because these lenses lack the visible lines of eyewear popular in preceding generations, they offer a more youthful appearance.

Our optometrists note that progressives provide more than a cosmetic advantage. They offer our patients a much more natural presbyopia correction than bifocals or trifocals can. We can fit you with a progressive prescription that eliminates the need to constantly switch back and forth from everyday eyeglasses to reading or computer glasses.

Each lens contains a vertical corridor of optimal lens power. Our doctors will carefully measure your eyes and your preferred frame. They will then place the corridor in the exact position required for your eyes to naturally access the various lens powers, allowing you to view objects at every distance.

Interest in progressive lenses for treating presbyopia has exploded recently. Today’s progressive lenses are available in designs to meet just about any need.

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Glasses with progressive lenses fitted by an optometrist are the ideal answer to presbyopia. Be sure to call our Maple Ridge Eye Care practice today at 604-463-4469 to ask about our new patient special and schedule an appointment with an eye doctor in Maple Ridge. Our optometrists have collectively served Maple Ridge and surrounding communities for more than 50 years. Our doctors and opticians will help you combine the right lenses with the frames you and your budget love.

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