Dry Eye Care Clinic (DCC)

Dry Eye Care Clinic (DCC) Treatment Program With Your Maple Ridge Optometrist

man with dry eye looking for dry eye treatment in maple ridgeYour Maple Ridge Optometrist offers a complete treatment approach to Dry Eye Disease through our Dry Eye Care Clinic (DCC). When you sign up as part of our DCC Treatment Program you will receive an initial diagnostic/consultation, where we will use the most advanced technology to objectively test/measure your dry eye. This includes tear film osmolarity testing, which provides a measurement of the composition of your tears. We will listen to your symptoms and discuss your eye and overall medical history and your optometrist will then develop an individualized treatment plan and follow-up schedule customized for you.

Dry Eye Care Clinic Treatment Program in Maple Ridge includes:

- Initial diagnostic/consultation exam with tear osmolarity testing. Note: this is separate from a routine eye health exam, which is a pre-requisite.

- Three follow up/monitoring exams: at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months.

- Tear osmolarity testing at each follow up visit. ($105 value)

- In-office meibomian gland expression, as needed.* (*Not applicable or necessary for all DCC patients)

- Dry Eye starter kit – iDrop gel eye drops or Liposic gel drops, plus either a Bruder warm massage mask or gel foaming i-lid n’ lash eyelid cleanser.

Total Program Cost - $325

The relief of Dry Eye requires commitment to the recommended treatment plan, and patience, as the elimination of symptoms may not take full effect for a few months. Success will vary from patient to patient; the goal of the program is to have you seeing as well as possible, being as comfortable as possible and being on as little therapy as possible with minimal disruption to your daily life. Education regarding Dry Eye Disease and its treatment are a large component of the DCC Treatment Program and are essential to your compliance. We will be your partners through this education and treatment process to ensure your lifelong ocular health, free from the irritation and chronic symptoms of Dry Eye.

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