Dry Eye Treatment Options

Dry Eye Treatment Options From Your Maple Ridge Optometrist

Outlined below are some of the diagnostic/monitoring tests and treatments that may be prescribed for you, either through our Dry Eye Care Clinic Treatment Program in Maple Ridge or as individual options. Many of these treatment options are also available through our online store.

Woman with dry eye before receiving dry eye treatment from optometrist in Maple Ridge

Artificial Tears - Almost every person with DED will be prescribed tear supplements. However, the long-term goal is to decrease your dependency on them. Your optometrist will likely prescribe iDrop gel eye drops which are preservative-free and contain hyaluronate and glycerol. This makes the drop safe, long lasting and allows them to more completely cover the entire surface of the eye.

Steroid Eye Drops - Regardless of underlying cause of Dry Eye, our optometrists often start a treatment regimen with prescription eye drops to bring the inflammation on the surface of the eye back to “normal”. These drops will likely not be a long-term solution and will not be prescribed for every patient.

Eyelid Warm Compress - In-office glandular expression combined with an at home Bruder Mask compress. If your dry eye is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), this procedure will clear the blocked glands and restore normal function.

Eyelid Cleansing - There is a propensity for bacteria and Demodex mites to accumulate in and around the eyelash and its follicle. They cause subclinical infection and contribute to mucus and inflammatory byproducts in the tear film and oil glands. A foaming cleanser or moistened towelettes should be used as part of a daily eyelid cleansing routine.

Restasis - Is a long-term anti-inflammatory that works differently than steroid eye drops. Restasis helps to keep inflammation at manageable levels which stimulates the natural production of tears. It has an excellent long term safety profile.

Punctal Occlusion - Is a highly effective method to increase tear residence time on the surface of the eye. The plugs reduce the tear outflow or drainage which enhances the effects of the tears that you produce.

iPen Tear Osmolarity Diagnostic - Obtains a sample of your tears to evaluate it for available salts. Osmolarity is now the key diagnostic metric for tracking DED. The device works similarly to a blood sugar glucometer device and its readings for those with diabetes.

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