Foreign Object Removal

Foreign Body Removal Emergency Eye Care in Maple Ridge Foreign objects in the eye are fairly common. Most are small, such as a piece of dust, speck or eyelash and can be rinsed out of the eye with cold water. However, if you have persistent pain in your eye, can clearly see the object in your eye or it sticks out beyond the eyelid, or you notice a change in your vision or a cloudy spot, you should seek the services of our eye doctor in Maple Ridge.

Foreign Object Symptoms and Causes

Foreign objects can be blown or fall into the eye at any time, including dust, shards or bits of glass, metal or other larger objects. Small objects, such as dust or bits of dirt, are relatively harmless and can be flushed from the eye and upper eyelid, ideally using saline solution, or alternatively, filtered or distilled cold water. However, if you experience extreme or long-lasting pain, vision changes or cloudy or discolored areas on your eye, it is an emergency and you should schedule an appointment with our eye doctor to locate the foreign object, remove it and determine if there is any infection or any risk of infection.

For the following symptoms, call our office to see an optometrist:

  • Change in Vision
  • Cloudy Area on Cornea
  • Pain
  • Redness

Additionally, if you can see the object in the eye or it is sticking out of the eye or embedded deeply, you should either call emergency medical personnel, 911 or one of our eye doctors. Objects that are embedded in the eye or sticking out of the eye cannot be safely removed without medical intervention. Attempting to remove the object yourself could result in permanent loss of vision, infections or both.

Foreign Body Examinations and Removal with our Eye Doctor in Maple Ridge

If you suspect you have a foreign body in your eye, our optometrist in Maple Ridge can safely remove it. We have the facilities available to perform emergency foreign object removal surgery. Your emergency visit will begin with a thorough examination to determine the depth and location of the foreign body, whether it’s a fleck of metal or glass or a larger object that is both in the eye and visibly sticking out of the eye.

Once we have determined the location, depth and severity, we will explain the problem and the diagnosis and prepare your eye for surgery. Then, our eye doctor will safely remove the object and perform any other necessary procedures to stabilize your eye and prevent infection or complications.

After the removal of the foreign object, we may need to see you back at our office for a follow-up visit to make sure your eye is healing properly, and you are not feeling any discomfort or noticing any further vision loss.

To schedule an appointment for emergency foreign object removal, call 604-463-4469. Our eye doctor in Maple Ridge is ready to answer your questions and help you remove the foreign body and heal your eye injury.

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