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Children's Eye Exams in maple ridge, bcThe Canadian Association of Optometrists has recently updated the guidelines for baby exams. It is recommended that children have their first "well-baby" exam at 6 months of age, the next exam at age 3 and then annually thereafter. With the use of special drops your optometrist can determine how well a baby can see, if their eyes are equal in power and development and check for eye disease. Congenital cataract and cancer in the back of the eye are two examples of disease that must be examined for. The eyes continue to develop throughout childhood and the teenage years and often changes occur so gradually they go unnoticed or the child thinks everyone sees things the way they do.

Testing does not need to be complicated or time-consuming. With younger children, after a brief initial assessment, the optometrist will quite often put eye drops in the child's eyes. This not only dilates the pupil to ensure the back of the eye, the retina, is healthy but it also relaxes the child's focusing so an evaluation of the prescription can be made without any verbal feedback. Our optometrists have extensive experience conducting exams with children of all ages and will ensure that your child feels safe and comfortable throughout their entire appointment.

Studies have shown 80% of how we learn is visual. Even screenings at school will only identify 1 out of 4 children with a vision problem, while only 8% of 3 year old children in British Columbia have had their eyes checked. Provide your child with one of the most important tools they need for learning: clear vision. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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