Latisse® Treatment Offered By Our Maple Ridge Optometrists

Get Longer, Fuller Eyelashes with the Latisse® Treatment


What is the Latisse® Treatment Eyelash Enhancing Formula?

The Latisse® treatment is the first and only Health Canada and FDA approved prescription treatment for inadequate eyelashes. When used as recommended, Latisse® treatments promote the growth of completely natural, longer, thicker and darker eyelashes.

How Does It Work?

The Latisse® treatment is an eyelash growth formula with an active ingredient known as bimatoprost. This essential ingredient, originally used to treat glaucoma patients, in combination with other substances affects the eyelash growth cycle in two ways:

  • Latisse® treatments increase the length of the eyelash growing phase
  • Latisse® treatments increase the number of hairs during the growing phase

The Latisse® Treatment

The Latisse® treatment is a topical, take-home, prescription medication that is generally applied along the base of the upper eyelashes once daily. Patients usually start to notice the results within the first 4 to 6 weeks with continuous and gradual improvements and will achieve full growth after 16 weeks of use. When the treatment is discontinued, lashes gradually return to their previous appearance.

The Results

This medication was specifically developed to treat hypotrichosis, a medical term for inadequate eyelashes. Individuals who use Latisse® treatments for at least 16 weeks are able to obtain longer, thicker eyelashes that are naturally darker. Latisse® treatment use is associated with the potential for rare side effects, such as reversible lid pigmentation, that will be covered during a consultation with our eye doctors in Maple Ridge.

How Do I Buy Latisse® Treatments?

Latisse® treatments can only be prescribed by a medical professional and are available for purchase through Maple Ridge Eye Care. To find out if you are a candidate for this medication, please contact our office at (604) 463-4469 to schedule your one-on-one consultation appointment.

If you are a current patient of our practice already using the Latisse® treatment and would like to order more, please call our office or complete our online reorder form.

Latisse® is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.


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