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If you’ve been diagnosed with cataracts, the thought of surgery may be daunting. Although cataract surgery is quite common today, there’s much the average person doesn’t know about this procedure. The following FAQs from our optometry specialist at Maple Ridge Eye Care explain more about cataracts and cataract surgery.

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What Is a Cataract?

Cataracts occur when the lens of your eye becomes clouded due to protein buildup. This age-related eye condition often takes years to develop, which is why cataracts are more commonly found in seniors.

How Do Cataracts Affect My Vision?

In the early stages, cataracts may have no effect on your vision. As cataracts progress, however, your vision will start to cloud over and become blurry. It may seem like you’re looking through fog. Over time, cataracts may cover the entire lens of your eye, blocking out the entrance of light. You may have a hard time distinguishing colors, become sensitive to light or see halos around lights, particularly at night.

What Is Cataract Surgery?

Cataract surgery is the procedure used to correct vision problems caused by cataracts. The procedure entails removing your cloudy lens and replacing it with an intraocular lens (IOL) to restore your vision. Modern advances in optometry care have put cataract surgery well within reach of the millions of seniors who need it each year.

When Should You Have Cataract Surgery?

Surgery is generally recommended when cataracts begin to interfere with daily living. You need clear sight for every aspect of your life. When cataracts make it difficult to read, drive, cook, work on a computer, or perform daily tasks, it’s time for cataract surgery. Before you reach this stage, cataract symptoms can be temporarily managed with prescription eyeglasses. Our optometrists will assess you during your annual health exam and will be able to best recommend when it is time for you to be referred to an ophthalmologist for cataract surgery. Our doctors have strong working relationships with the local specialists and will ensure you are put onto the waitlist for the surgeon who will best meet your surgical needs.

See Our Maple Ridge Eye Doctor for Cataract Diagnosis and Surgery Referral

To schedule a consultation for cataract diagnosis and/or surgery referral, contact Maple Ridge Eye Care at 604-670-4434 today.

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