Computer Vision Syndrome

Don’t Let Computer Vision Syndrome Bug You

If you spend a lot of time working on a computer or otherwise viewing computer screens up close, your eyes could suffer. Many people who spend many hours a day looking at computer screens feel the very real effects of digital eye strain. Those symptoms include tired eyes and poor vision, especially at night. You might notice light glare flaring from traffic signals. Or you could feel very tired during the middle of the day. The bottom line is, long-term exposure to digital screens can tire out your eyes and affect your vision. The doctors of optometry at Maple Ridge Eye Care can help you overcome the effects of computer vision syndrome.

Computer Vision Treatment and Prevention With Our Maple Ridge Optometry Team

Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome

There are many obvious symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Those include bloodshot eyes, eye strain, and blurred vision. You might also experience headaches, dry eyes, tearing eyes, and even neck and shoulder pain. Thankfully, eye care and modified behavior can help alleviate the symptoms of computer vision syndrome.

How to Treat Computer Vision Syndrome

Your eye doctor can help you deal with the eye strain caused by overexposure to digital screens. The first step to take in reducing your computer vision syndrome symptoms is to change your habits. Taking regular breaks can help relax your eyes and alleviate some of the strain. Your eye doctor also might prescribe eye drops and even prescription lenses designed to lessen the effects of digital eye strain. Poor vision from extensive exposure to computer screens is a relatively new area of optometry. Fortunately, effective treatments are already in place to help you improve your eyes and vision.

Get Treatment for Your Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

If your eyes are showing signs of computer vision syndrome and you spend a lot of time behind a screen, we can help. Call our friendly staff at Maple Ridge Eye Care to schedule a time to come in for help. Our eye doctors will examine your eyes and help you to determine the best course of treatment. Sometimes, the problem is more complex than just looking at a computer screen for hours each day. Your eyes might have contributing factors that also need treatment. We can help you find out what causes your eye strain and affects your vision. Then we will help treat it and overcome the ill effects of whatever condition you may have. Our number is 604-463-4469.

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