Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Treatment and Prevention With Our Maple Ridge Optometry Team

Most people, including children, spend multiple hours every day on the computer or in front of some sort of digital screen. This poses a lot of potential problems for health, including ocular health. At Maple Ridge Eye Care, our optometry team wants people to be aware of a relatively new phenomenon known as computer vision, or computer vision syndrome because it can be prevented.

Computer Vision Treatment and Prevention With Our Maple Ridge Optometry Team

Computer Vision Syndrome: A Modern Day Ocular Concern

When we use a computer or screen for too long, our eyes can become strained and fatigued. This can lead to a condition as computer vision syndrome.

Here are a few reasons why excessive and prolonged computer use can strain the eyes:

    • We tend to blink less while using computers, preventing tears from being adequately redistributed over our ocular surface
    • Our eyes have to work hard to focus and refocus while we frequently scan, read, and/or watch images and video 
    • Computers often have bright contrast that can be hard on the eyes, plus there is often overhead glare or poor ambient lighting to boot!
    • Many of us sit with poor posture when we use our computers or phones/tablets

While generally considered temporary discomfort, it's believed that uncorrected computer vision syndrome may lead to long-term issues with eyesight and vision. For instance, excessive exposure to blue light, emitted in high concentrations from digital devices, can increase a person's risk for cataracts. 

Signs and Symptoms of Computer Vision

Most people experience at least some signs and symptoms of computer vision after a day of using their laptop, desktop, tablet, e-reader, or smartphone. These signs and symptoms include:

    • Dry, red, itchy eyes
    • Tired or sore eyes
    • Neck pain, shoulder pain, and arm pain
    • Headaches

How a Maple Ridge Optometrist Can Help You Manage Computer Vision

Improving the way you use your digital technology is so important for your long-term health. After all, if you're like most people, you use technology every day—and frequently for that matter! A Maple Ridge optometrist can help you manage and prevent computer vision by employing a variety of interventions and techniques, including:

    • Updating prescription eyewear to ensure any underlying refractive error, such as farsightedness or astigmatism, is corrected
    • Application of special lens coating on your glasses that can block powerful blue light rays from entering your eyes and potentially damaging your retinas
    • Provide patient education to improve your ergonomic set-up, computer screen contrast and posture

Do You Use Computers Every Day?

Don't gamble with your ocular health! To connect with an optometrist near you, call Maple Ridge Eye Care now at (604)-670-4434 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Hurlbert, Dr. Matter, Dr. Lee, Dr. Rughani, or Dr. Naidu. 

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