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Eye Allergy Treatment from our Optometrist in Maple Ridge

Your eyes provide amazing opportunities to experience the world around you, but that experience may not be a pleasant one when eye allergies get in the way. This irritating problem can limit your vision, cause ongoing or recurring discomfort, and possibly even pose a threat to your corneal health. The good news is that you'll find a wealth of relief here at our optometry clinic, Maple Ridge Eye Care, where we're proud to offer eye allergy treatment from out experienced optometrist in Maple Ridge, BC.

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How Allergies Affect Your Eyes

An allergy can be thought of as a kind of biochemical communications error. When your immune system mistakes a harmless substance for an invading germ or other threat, it fights back by producing antihistamines and other protective responses. This reaction is the reason you experience allergy symptoms. Allergies may be seasonal, in accordance with the blooming cycles of plants at various times of the year, or they may be more or less constant if you're always surrounded by the offending allergen. Common allergy triggers include:

  • Pollen
  • Mold
  • Smoke
  • Perfumes or other scents
  • Chemical pollutants
  • Pet dander
  • Skin mites

Any of these triggers can cause watery, itchy, reddened eyes, swollen eyelids, light sensitivity, and blurred vision, a collection of symptoms known as allergic conjunctivitis. In some cases, allergens can cause irritation through direct contact with the eyes. Examples include cosmetics (eye makeup) and protein debris on contact lenses.

Diagnosis and Treatment at Maple Ridge Eye Care

Eye allergies can cause more trouble than you might think. Severe, untreated allergic conjunctivitis can lead to corneal ulceration, which could damage your vision. It's best to find out what’s causing your symptoms so you can get your allergy under control. Any optometrist on our team can diagnose the issue in an eye exam by evaluating your eyes, taking your medical history, and asking about your environment. (We may recommend allergy testing if the cause is less obvious.)

Once we've pinpointed your specific allergy or allergies, our optometry center can administer the appropriate care to help you feel better, see more clearly, and protect your eyes from harm. Antihistamines, corticosteroids and/or eye drops may provide immediate relief. You may also benefit from protective wraparound sunglasses, changes in your cosmetics usage, or a switch to different contact lenses (or different contact lens cleaning practices).

Visit our Maple Ridge Optometrist for Eye Allergy Relief

If you're ready to view your world through eyes untroubled by allergies, it's time for a visit to your trusted Maple Ridge optometrist. Call Maple Ridge Eye Care at 604-463-4469 to set up an eye exam and put a stop to those allergy symptoms!

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