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Our optometrists strive to stay current with the latest diagnostic tools and treatments in order to provide the best eye care possible. By staying current and utilizing the latest optometry technology, our optometrists in Maple Ridge are able to diagnose diseases at the earliest stages possible when they are most easily managed and treated.

Matrix Visual Field Testing

Matrix visual field testing is performed using a Visual Field Analyzer. This diagnostic device tests your peripheral vision. It looks for vision loss across the full spectrum of your vertical and horizontal vision. It is an excellent way to detect glaucoma and stroke as well as other eye diseases.

Digital Retina Images with Our Optometrist in Maple Ridge

Our optometrists recommend getting digital images of your retinas on a regular basis. Digital retina images help identify problems with the retina and provide a solid point of reference for determining if the retina has deteriorated. During these examinations, highly detailed scans are taken of your retinas, digitally enhanced by a computer and displayed on a screen for easy magnification and viewing.

Non-Contact Tonometer (NCT)

A Non-Contact Tonometer is used to determine the amount of pressure in your eye. Normal eye pressure ranges from 10 to 20 mmHg. Most individuals have an eye pressure between 14 and 16 mmHG. The cornea is filled with a fluid that helps it maintain its shape. This fluid is constantly drained and refilled. If the pressure is too high or the pressure varies greatly from eye to eye, it can be a sign of serious eye health problems, including glaucoma.

Slit Lamp

A slit lamp allows our optometrist to focus a thin beam of light into your eye. This is often performed after your eyes have been dilated. During this examination, the cornea, iris, retina and optical nerve are all visually examined for abnormalities.

Visual Acuity Tests

Visual acuity tests are the standard eye tests that everyone goes through when they visit the eye doctor. During these tests, you are asked to read various lines of letters in order to determine the smallest letters you can read both with and without correction.


Dilating your eyes allows our optometrist in Maple Ridge to examine the back of your eye and retina in detail. This test helps diagnose eye tumors, macular degeneration, retinal detachment and vasculitis. It can also indicate the presence of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT)

Ocular Coherence Tomography examinations involve specific wavelengths of light. The light bounces off the retina and is measured. This test is used to identify macular degeneration, deterioration of the retina due to diabetes and glaucoma. OCT tests typically take about 5 to 10 minutes to perform.

To schedule an appointment with our optometrists in Maple Ridge for an eye examination, glasses or contacts or an eye care emergency, please call our office at 604-463-4469. We service the entirety of Maple Ridge and the surrounding communities.

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